Living in the world that we live in, we are often trying to make sense of our lives to give them purpose and direction. A lot of people live very busy lives and, truth be known, it is not another thing they need to do, but rather some time for stillness and prayer, a time to just be. We should not feel guilty if we embrace stillness, it is part of our lives and it is often where we most powerfully meet God.

That said, churches are communities that depend fully on the generosity of others. It is those who offer their skills, wisdom and yes, their time, who bring churches to life. They are truly the instruments of the Holy Spirit.

At St. Paul’s we happily welcome the involvement of people whether they have a strong faith or not. There are some roles, however, that presume a strong faith, as that is important for the authenticity of the service given. If one was to read at mass or give out communion, for example, that would suggest you have faith in these sacred actions. Other activities, such as maintaining flower beds may be of interest to someone whose faith is not strong but whose love of growing things is great, and that is perfectly fine to us.

Some church volunteer activities require screening of those who are to work with vulnerable people. The parish has a screening program in place and police checks are required for all who will work with children, vulnerable elders and in other situations where significant trust is involved.

We divide our various volunteer opportunities into the following sections:


Volunteer contributions at St. Paul’s parish help to create our vibrant, loving and relevant church community. We are grateful to the many volunteers whose compassion, caring and commitment support our work throughout the year. We welcome YOU to become one of them!

If you are interested in volunteering with St. Paul’s, please call us at 416- 364-7588 or email

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