Let’s start with the obvious.

St. Paul’s is a parish! In other words there are people who worship here every Sunday, financially support the parish and pitch in any number of ways to give the parish a community life.

The ministry at St. Paul’s is responsible for the care of those who make St. Paul’s their parish home.  Those are people who live between Sherbourne and the Don Valley and between Carlton and the lake, but it is a lot of other people too who make St. Paul’s their parish.  They come from all ends of the city finding the access on the Don Valley Parkway and Gardiner Expressway efficient.  These people tells us that they come here because of our history (we are the oldest Catholic parish in Toronto) or because they like the spirit of the place.  Our music ministry I think would be reason some set down roots here too.

The important point is they come to St. Paul’s Parish, not just say this will be my parish until I have my wedding.

So can people from outside the parish celebrate special events here?  Yes, with the cooperation of their home parish.  Couples wishing to marry here who are not members of St. Paul’s or wishing to have a baptism here start by contacting their home parish and doing their preparation there.  We will set a date when that work is well under way.

For those who are parishioners here and those who may be coming from away, the common theme that all must recognize is that all of the sacraments are connected to the central expression of parish life; the Eucharist more often called Mass.  It is at Mass that we as Catholic believe that we are created and recreated as the Body of Christ.  We invite anyone or any family who may be looking for a home in which to share in being the Body of Christ to know they are invited to St. Paul’s.  If you are happy in your home parish that is great so stay put and help them grow.

If the truth be known you are doing very little to live your Catholic life or you are giving it a wink and a nod from time to time, then come on down to St. Paul’s we will welcome you and hope that you can set down roots to share in the life of Christ.

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