reads the prayerYou may be wondering why Baptism, Communion and Confirmation are first.  They express a step in our initiation in the church.  Each is a stepping stone on the way to full initiation in the church.

For adults who enter a process of preparing to be baptized in the church, all three would be received at the same time.  For most people they are received over a number of years.  Baptism, then communion at seven or eight and confirmation at twelve or thirteen.

If you have a child in grade seven or above who is wanting to be confirmed, contact the parish and we can work with you to prepare them.  Catholic schools play a big role in confirmation so if your son or daughter is in grade eight it may be useful to speak to your school.

For an older person to get confirmed contact the parish and we will deal with you on a case by case basis.  There will be some catechesis and a celebration of the sacrament at an appropriate time.

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